Why Staging 101

What Sets Staging 101 Apart

Staging 101


The Other Guys

Easy to Handle Frames

Our Frame is Sturdier and More Comfortable to Pick Up & Install.
Our panels provide 1.5 inches of hand support while our competitors only offer .5 inches.

No-trip Design - Seamless Surface

Our Platform Surface has a Seamless, Smooth, NO-Trip Design with Dancers and Performers in Mind.
Theirs has a Metal Perimeter that can Lead to Tripping during Performances

Continuous Tubular Frame Construction

Our panels feature a strong continuous tubular frame construction that produces a seamless support structure.
Our competitor's panels use a weaker C-channel stamped frame that includes multiple breaks and seams that can weaken the support structure.

Sturdy Legs

Our sturdy legs connect directly to our strong tubular frame.
Our legs offer two positions of height adjustability and firmly lock in place.
Our panels can be set up to either 16 inches to 24 inches or 24 inches to 32 inches.

Removable Connection Hardware

Our Platform 2 Platform Connection Hardware is removable and creates a uniform exterior perimeter if removed.
Our competitor’s connection hardware is fixed, cannot be removed and can cause damage or injury during transportation.

All Platform 2 Platform Connection Hardware is included with each one of our Staging 101 platforms.
Platforms include Connection Hardware for creating both level stages as well as tiered choral risers and stepped stages.
No additional hardware is required to add steps to Staging 101 panels.

Thickness of Panels

Individual panels measure 2" thick when the legs are collapsed.
The top surface of each panel is composed of strong 3/4" premium plywood.